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some guy

2009-08-23 00:13:28 by Igora

Be sure to vote to dilute some guy that's been 0-staring nearly a third of my work everyday! I first found out when "I have no idea" had 10 consecutive 5s(yay!) and then after the eleventh vote it went down to 4.55, at first I thought maybe someone didn't like my work, fine, but then a little past 12 it went down to 4.36 or so, so someone voted 5 before hand, then that person voted 0 again. The same thing has happened to most of my most recent artwork. It's getting pretty annoying, so again be sure to vote!


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2009-11-07 01:44:56

In the end man, it's only a score, and having some idiot vote 0 on your works everyday doesn't change the fact that your art is fantastic.

I stopped caring about voting-scores long ago. Reviews scores still mean a little to me though.